LOTD Has Missed Your Scent. Have You Missed Our Essence?


Nice to see you again, kid. Have you lost weight? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I still love you, though. Are you glad I showed back up? I apologize that we here at LOTD have been a dead beat Dad who disappears for months at a time. All I can do is be great when I’m here. I got you another new bike. This time there is air in the tires. It’s out back. Go ride on it for a bit while I catch up with your mother.


It’s time to get this place going again. When I say “this place,” I’m not speaking of LOTD. I’m speaking of my brain. The only writing I have done since April has been for a group on Facebook about the guy I caddie for (@kbulle), some emails I wrote for a dyslexic friend of mine who needed some funny emails written for bachelor parties, and radio ads for my Mom’s gift shop. While all were successful, you can only make so many jokes about golf, wearing man thongs in Vegas, and summer spectacular sales.

When we last left off here, Chambers and I had gone to write for www.collegebasketballtalk.com . That was a fun experience and we wrote everyday for about 3 months. While enjoyable, it was grueling to try to come up with something we wanted to write about every single day and by the end of the season I was somewhat burned out.

That being said, we are going to start this place back up to write about things we want to. Be it college basketball, college football, professional sports, entertainment, or pop culture. We will write when we want and should one of us get picked up by a larger blog or site in the process then we’ll lick to the center of that tootsie pop when it’s given to us.

I had some interest from kentuckysportsradio.com and outkickthecoverage.com during the summer but I’m not sure that anything will come of either one of those. In the meantime, I’m going to stay sharp by spitting hot fire like my boy Dylan here at Lingerie On The Deck.

For today, I just want to cover a few of the things (in no particular order) that have happened since we last left you here.

1. Kim Kardashian got married.

2. Kim Kardashian got divorced.

3. Baseball was relevant for 2 days.

4. Gentlemen by the names of Charl, Rory, and Keegan won major golf championships.

5. I discovered the TV shows “The Wire”, “Parks and Recreation”, and “Arrested Development.” These discoveries improved the quality of my life. Ron Swanson is a personal hero of mine.

6. I discovered the TV Show “Whitney.” This show is a train wreck that I haven’t been able to look away from.

7. My ginger partner (@givehimsix1987) and I won the Glasgow Country Club Member-Guest golf tournament in August. (I don’t include this in the list to brag. I include it to inspire our ginger readers. Our time here at LOTD is pointlessly spent if we are not inspiring.) The most impressive thing was not us winning. The most impressive thing was that Alex spent two days in the sun without getting sunburned. Gingers, you can be outside. Just be responsible and wear sunscreen.

8. Chambers got a new job. Here are the things I know for sure about it: He is a lawyer. He prosecutes criminals for the state of KY. He can dip in the courtroom but he cannot have a spitter. He works a lot.

Due to the last thing, Chambers’ postings here may be few and far between but like a deadbeat Dad, he’ll always bring the goods to make up for it.

For me, college basketball season begins tonight as my #2 University of Kentucky Wildcats face off against the Transylvania whatevers in an exhibition game in Rupp Arena. UK is going to be better at basketball this year than Taylor Swift is at appealing to teenage girls.

In closing, I leave you with my favorite Ron Swanson clip of all Ron Swanson clips.


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3 Responses to LOTD Has Missed Your Scent. Have You Missed Our Essence?

  1. Joel says:

    Way to open strong.

  2. J-maal...aka mose says:

    It should be a crime that it has taken you this long to discover the wire…u can go in any hood that you including the few in Glasgow that we know…(I will refrain from saying them) and say “Omar is coming”…and the will all run into the house……it’s okay that you’ve been gone like a deadbeat dad but when a dead beat dad comes back, somebody gotta pay that back child support….but it’s a good thing we know a good lawyer…though he would be on the other side….we need need to get a Keith Wilcut or something like that to help us out……
    I don’t even know if baseball was relevant for two days…I think it was more like a one night stand….we all talk about how we love it, then we leave it the next morning for football and basketball….I think they should bring steroids back or at least Sammy, Jose, Mark, the old Giambi, Clemons, Bonds (and his earring) and we might love it again….
    Lastly I’m surprised u can spell kardashian…and we all knew that the wedding wouldn’t last cause Kris whatever ain’t black enough…just saying legs…..I’m out like Avon Barksdale….or my favorite Stringer Bell…

    • Well said Mose. The Barry Bonds earring comment got me giggling like I was in a tickle fight bigger than the UK-Ole Miss football game this weekend. I have no idea why it took me so long to discover The Wire. I watched all five seasons in the span of about a month and a half. The moment I was hooked was during the “Where’s Wallace!?!” episode in season 1.

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